We design unique software programs that integrate directly into your business to both improve upon and work with your current systems. The services we provide are without exception given by only the most skilled professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Our engineers tailor custom software to your organization's specific needs.

MAXETA is differentiated by high-touch service. From upfront assessment and modeling straight through to back-end implementation and management -- we anticipate your needs, provide ongoing guidance, and ultimately deliver to you right-sized technology solutions.

Reduce, reallocate, and/or eliminate expenses.

Improve and increase productivity by over 40%.

Create greater customer satisfaction.

Significantly increase profitability.


Most companies have some processes around work-flow. However, studies show that poorly implemented processes are costing business 40% of productive time. Most problems arise from a lack of planning and organization. Only 39% of companies are profitable while a staggering 61% are left either breaking even or losing money.

Furthermore, 70% of CEOs could not recognize what they didn’t know or understand about why their software programs were failing and nearly most of them did not seek help to correct their issues. The failure to streamline and optimize mission-critical processes and work-flow often leads to role strain, negativity in the work environment, and rework.

Business Inefficiencies lead to productivity losses.

Productivity losses lead to customer and associate dissatisfaction.

Associate dissatisfaction leads to a loss in productivity.

Customer dissatisfaction leads to a loss in sales revenues.

Lower Profitability often results in belt-tightening, and worse yet, layoffs.